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Useful items for an outdoor set-up

Updated: May 1, 2020

There are a few crucial things that you will need for your outdoor set-up. I usually have a checklist to make sure I have not forgotten anything.

1) Your product that you plan to sell. It would be hard to make money without it!!

2) A cash box, wallet, or some sort of wearable pack to keep your money safe.

3) Cash for change. I always start with $100.00 of 1's, 5's, 10's and change

4) Cell phone, tablet, portable charger, charging cables. Charge everything up the night before. The portable charger is certainly handy to help extend your battery life if you don't have access to electric. There are also solar powered versions that work quite well too.

5) Credit card processing unit - Square Chip Reader, PayPal swipe, etc. Make sure any apps and accounts are set up and tested before the big day!!

6) Portable Table(s) for displaying your product. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. I use a 6 foot table and a couple smaller ones to accommodate the layout of my booth.

7) Chair(s). A folding chair or 2 for you in between customers or for a tired guest.

8) Tablecloth or coverings. Helps with the decorative theme of your booth.

9) Tent. Not always needed, but definitely helpful to keep you safe from the weather and elements. ***See my blog on tents.

10) Tent weights. Something to help weigh down the tent. There are numerous methods such as gallon jugs, buckets, spikes, tent weights, etc. ***For more ideas, check out my blog here.

11) Toolbox (see below) A crate or toolbox with some useful items

12) Display items for your products. How you want to display your products **see my blog on displays here**

13) State Resale Tax ID Certificate. many places want you to display this or at least have it handy

14) Signage, banners ***see my blog on banners

15) Business cards

16) Stylus not necessary, but alleviates customers using their finger to sign

17) Hand Sanitizer

When preparing for an outdoor show, there are a few essential items that are helpful to have on hand to make your experience run more smoothly. One never knows when you or a fellow vendor may need these, but I have used all of these items at one time or another. I have a 'toolbox' which is actually a storage bin to keep the following items in:

* duct tape

* scissors

* zip ties

* clothesline or rope

* bungee cords

* pad, paper, pencils, pens, markers

* heavy binder clips, clothespins, etc.

* a few plastic ziplock bags of various sizes

* garbage bag

* extension cord

* hammer

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