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Tents & Canopies

Updated: May 1, 2020

When I did my first outdoor art show, I owned a card table and a couple of chairs. I set up in a sunny spot and was ready to go. One of the first things I noticed was that my jewelry display cards did NOT like the heat from the sun. They started to buckle, making my jewelry slide to the side and no longer looked like what I had envisioned. The next show, it rained. I had a couple umbrellas with me, but that really was not sufficient to handle what Mother Nature was throwing down that day. I realized that I needed a tent to protect the hard work that I created.

Since I was on a budget and just starting out with my artwork, I borrowed a friends tent which was similar to this sports canopy

This worked great, but I soon realized that I needed to purchase my own. One of the things I learned would be helpful, was having side walls on the tent. This added some extra protection from wind, sun, & rain and also allowed me to zip it up at night, securing the walls with zip ties for weekend shows.

There were many to choose from, but after doing a bit of research, I chose the

Some additional benefits of the E-Z Up Instant Shelter are that

* Can be used for business or recreational use

* Provides maximum coverage with a 10ft x 10ft area

* Sets up in seconds and without any tools

* Portable - you can bring it anywhere

* Wheeled storage bag allowing for easier transport

* 3 Height settings offering adjust-ability

* High quality craftsmanship

* Fire Resistant

Over the years, I also found that it is good practice to periodically spray the canopy top with a water resistant spray

Another thing that has come in handy is having a way to weigh down your tent. I have tried a variety of things including milk jugs or buckets full of water, secured by bungee cords or ropes. When you are finished with the show, simply water the plants nearby :) You can also create your own tie-down weights by filling PVC pipe with concrete - (click here for instructions) or purchase something like the Euromax Weights or Canopy Weights

For a comparison of more tents and canopies, check out my review on tents and canopies.

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